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Characteristics of the field of purifying cotton swabs

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The application fields of purified cotton swabs are mainly the following:

1) Advanced glass touch screen (including advanced mobile phones, tablet computers, external surface boards, GPS navigators, anti-glare devices, etc., so the purification cotton swabs selected in each category are also different, so how to choose a clean cotton swabs ?

2) Fine appearance hardware, valve-making steel pipe fittings, mold occupation, etc .;

3) Ceramic inkjet machine, oil spray screen printing, dust-free painting, UV, etc .;

4) metal parts for cars;

5) Plastic plating products;

6) Disc drive, review data;

7) general optical lens lens;

8) Microelectronic assembly production line;

The characteristics of purified cotton swabs: no dust, no dust, strong liquid absorption, acid and alkali resistance; this also shows that the scope of application of purified cotton swabs is mainly required to be dust-free and clean.

Clean cotton swabs have a wide range of applications and involve many occupations. It is a cleaning and scrubbing consumable widely used in electronics, optics, biology, medical and other fields. Fine fiber cloth, cotton cloth, non-woven dust-free cloth, etc. Cotton fiber non-woven fabric is made of 100% pure cotton, which is developed by special processing method using pure natural materials. With super hygroscopicity and moisture retention, antistatic, long fiber, no adhesive. High temperature resistance, purifying cotton swabs can be used in many occupations.

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