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Purifying cotton swab with small body and big function

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As the requirements for dust-free levels are getting higher and higher, dust-free scrubbing products are also sought after by a wide range of users. Because the quality of general scrubbing products cannot guarantee the final cleanliness requirements, dust-free scrubbing supplies can bring unprecedented "cleanness" to clean production. In addition to the choice of materials for dust-free scrubbing supplies, a product must be produced in a class 100 purification workshop. It must be rigorously cleaned to become a true dust-free scrubbing product.

Following the development of the refined production process of digital, electronic and appearance products, the dust-free scrubbing supplies such as dust-free wipes and dust-free scrubbing papers that were often effective at the time were not satisfactory for the micro-pollution control needs of our industry, One kind of very contaminated scrubbing supplies is a clean cotton swab, also known as a dust-free scrubbing stick. It can effectively remove fine particles from the product or product carrier. It also becomes the best tool for experiments during fine experiments. However, there are many kinds of information about purified cotton swabs. How should users choose the most suitable cotton swab after all? Let ’s take a look at the difference between purified cotton swabs (also called dust-free scrub sticks) and ordinary cotton swabs:

1. The raw material of the cotton swab is cotton, which cannot be cleaned without dust. During the scrubbing process, it may be scraped off; it can only be used to scrub the product in a general environment, such as a general medical cotton swab, beauty Cotton swabs, etc.

2. The raw materials of the clean cotton swab head / scrub bar are divided into sponge head and cloth head. Both are cleaned and cleaned in a clean room. Therefore, the scrubbing supplies used in a high-level clean environment must reach 100. Above, that only the purified cotton swab can meet the requirements.

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