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Purified cotton swabs are practical first

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Clean cotton swabs are suitable for cleaning small and delicate products. After dust-free cleaning, the high-purity clean cotton swab head is extremely clean. Never use adhesives that pollute dust-free products, but use clean room cleaning. Sturdy pale green polypropylene cotton swab bar.


Purified cotton swabs can be divided into three categories: sponge-tipped cotton swabs, ordinary cloth-tipped cotton swabs, and ultra-fine polyester cloth-tipped cotton swabs. These three categories are divided into different styles, and their functions and functions are also different. There are rectangular large square head, oval large head, small head, pointed head, single head, double head, elbow and so on. And these cotton swabs do not chip, and are resistant to corrosion and friction.

The most obvious feature of this wiping stick is its degree of purification and cleanliness, no residue, no pollution, and no damage to cleaning items. At the same time, because of the small size of the purified cotton swabs, they can be used to clean the ears in life, dipped in alcohol or red medicine to disinfect the skin, and industrially, they can be used in electronic equipment chips or precision dust removal on precision lens lenses.


  To sum up, purifying cotton swabs is very practical.

Shenzhen Dongming Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dust-free cotton swabs, sponge cotton swabs, purified cotton swabs, anti-static cotton swabs, industrial cotton swabs, and wipers. Has a variety of high-efficiency cotton swab production machinery and large-scale production capacity. Adhere to the technology-led, production-based development model, adhering to the "science, technology, innovation, professional" corporate philosophy, and constantly develop new products. For 15 years, Dongming has been adhering to the needs of users as its core, high-quality products and dedicated services have won the trust and praise of many enterprises, and gradually established a good company brand in domestic and foreign markets. To buy a cotton swab, we are right.

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