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Standards and requirements affecting the quality of dust-free cotton swabs

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Many friends know dust-free cotton swabs and often use dust-free cotton swabs, but do you know the production standards and requirements for dust-free cotton swabs? Next, Dongming purification Xiaobian will introduce the production requirements of dust-free purification cotton swabs.

First, all employees involved in production at Dongming Purification must wear dust-free work clothes to ensure that product quality is not artificially affected.

Secondly, the entire production process of forming, cleaning, air-drying, and packaging of dust-free cotton swabs must be completed in a clean room to ensure that the product quality is not affected by the environment. How it was done in the future, Dongming purification Xiaobian will share with you slowly.

Shenzhen Dongming Purification Technology Co., Ltd. can produce a variety of cotton swabs according to the specific requirements of customers. The main types of cotton swabs differ in the length and material of the handle, the size, shape and material of the swab head, and the retention of solvents Properties, absorbency and adsorption capacity. Polyester materials, dust-free cloths and nonwovens are all raw materials used to produce cotton swabs. The cotton swab head can be processed by heat bonding, folding or melting welding.

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