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Full-frame / APS-C SLR camera sensor cleaning stick dust-free cotton swab

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I believe many photography enthusiasts have such a distress that after using their SLR camera for a period of time, the sensor has entered the dust, and the photos taken have black spots and are not perfect. I want to clean up, but I do n’t have a suitable cleaning tool. I ’m afraid of damaging the camera sensor.

Dongming Ming purification editor told everyone the good news, our company has independently developed a sensor cleaning rod product, to solve the distress of photography lovers.

This product comes in a single vacuum package and is easy to carry and use.

Shenzhen Dongming Purification Technology Co., Ltd. can produce a variety of cotton swabs according to the specific requirements of customers. The main types of cotton swabs differ in the length and material of the handle, the size, shape and material of the swab head, and the retention of solvents Properties, absorbency and adsorption capacity.

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