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Antistatic cotton swab material

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Foam clinker, polyester and cotton are all raw materials used to produce antistatic cotton swabs.

Materials used for handle production include polypropylene, nylon, glass nylon, glass polypropylene, wood or styrene. The length of the cotton swab handle (7-25cm) and the shape and size of the cotton swab (from 4mm to 16mm or more) should be determined according to specific requirements. It can also be slotted on the handle for easy breaking.

There are currently three types of anti-static cleansing cotton swabs: cloth-tip dust-free anti-static cotton swabs, sponge-tip dust-free anti-static cotton swabs and foam-tip dust-free anti-static cotton swabs. Therefore, dust-free antistatic cotton swabs are more suitable for cleaning very small and very precise areas. The main application areas of cotton swabs are concentrated in the fields of clean room, integrated circuits, precision instruments, liquid crystal displays, microelectronics, biomedicine, automobiles, hard drives, optics, food industry and aerospace.

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