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Features of anti-static cotton swabs

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Anti-static cotton swabs are designed for highly clean environments that require anti-static production.

The anti-static cotton swab's perfect edge sealing and closing technology enables the head to be successfully fixed on the polypropylene handle, avoiding the pollution caused by the use of adhesive. The application of anti-static technology ensures that your products are not affected by static electricity. ? Dust-free antistatic cotton swab Good chemical resistance (can be used with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, suitable for oil lubricants and other liquids), used to clean sensitive materials (such as various liquid crystal displays, optical lenses), electronic devices (Such as hard disks, semiconductors, circuit boards, optical discs), micro-mechanical cleaning, optical instruments, optical fibers, electron microscopes, optical sensors, etc. It is also suitable for the medical industry (cell sampling, DNA testing), food industry and cosmetics industry.

The anti-static cotton swab head uses polyurethane sponge, continuous filament polyester fiber and ultra-fine fiber as raw materials and is processed in a Class 10 (ISO4) clean room to ensure the ultra-low ion content and non-volatile residual content of the wiper ( Free of silicon, ammonia and dioctyl phthalate (DOP), and ultra-low particle generation.

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