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How to determine whether a high-density imported sponge or a domestic sponge is used in a dust-free sponge swab

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In daily life, most of the mattresses, cushions and sofas we use are made of domestic sponges, and high-density imported sponges are not common.

In the dust-free purification industry, some manufacturers, in order to reduce production costs, pursue profits. Use domestic high imitation imported sponge instead of high density imported sponge. The quality of the product can be imagined.

What are the characteristics of high-density imported sponge swabs and domestic sponge swabs?

High-density imported sponge swabs have good elasticity, uniform thickness, light weight, stable quality, slightly soft touch, not easy to break when pulled, smells very light, wipe products are not easy to break, stronger cleanliness, almost no dross, and durable .

Domestic sponge swabs are relatively heavy, with slightly different elasticity, slightly hard, rough, and unpleasant odor. Wipe products are prone to cracking, slag dropping, not durable, and cheap.

Therefore, it is easy to judge the characteristics of imported high-density sponge swabs and domestic sponge swabs.

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