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Sponge swabs for cleaning sensitive materials

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Sponge swabs remove contaminants and keep them clean in the special environment of the production process (the cloth cannot be scrubbed). Low chemical residue after scrubbing. Combustible, clean cotton swabs are the only choice for accurate cleansing applications. Easy to handle and harmless to the environment. Most cleaning swabs are conductive grade and can be grounded by the operator and the tool.

Applicable to class 10 purification workshops, with different packaging. The instant cotton swab includes a cotton swab stick and a cotton head fixed at one end of the cotton swab stick. The cotton swab stick is a hollow stick and the medicine is stored therein. An end of the hollow stick fixed to the cotton head is provided with an oil seal for sealing the medicine. , The other end is provided with an end seal. Compared with the prior art, a hollow stick is used to store the medicinal solution, so that the cotton swab itself is provided with the medicinal solution, which is ready for use and convenient. It is suitable as an essential sanitary product for hospitals, families, campuses, and hotels, and it is also very suitable for traveling.

The use of cleaning sponge swabs can play a good role in cleaning, so there are many uses for them in the medical field. There is also a high demand for the use of such products in the industrial field. In the manufacture of such products, processed raw materials are used.

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