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Precautions when using dust-free cotton swabs

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The clean cotton swabs produced by regular manufacturers are all completed in the clean room. Vacuum packaging is used to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the clean cotton swabs.

Dust-free cotton swabs are mainly used in lenses, lenses, microelectronics, laboratories, clean rooms, keyboards, screens, medical, optoelectronics, circuits, semiconductors and related industries.

So, what should we pay attention to in use?

First, choose the dust-free cotton swab that suits you according to the attributes of your product. For example: For high-precision products, it is best not to choose cheap dust-free cotton swabs, the principle of a penny for a dollar, everyone understands.

Second, after opening the package, it is best if you can use it all at once. If it cannot be used all at once, we should fold up the opening to prevent dust from entering, affecting the cleaning effect of the product, causing unnecessary trouble and loss.

Third, dust-free cotton swabs are disposable consumable products and are not recommended for repeated use.

For the purchase of dust-free cotton swabs, Shenzhen Dongming Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is preferred, regular manufacturers, and quality assurance.

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